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A Destination for the
New Millennium

Hong Kong

2019-10-05 10:31:59

The former British Crown Colony of Hong Kong returned into the Chinese fold in 1997, under the one country two system formula, which gives Hong Kong a large amount of autonomy and freedom compared to the rest of China. Ever since the British decided to set up base here, the city has prospered from starting out as a simple fishing village into being one the world’s biggest financial and trading centres. British influence is seen everywhere from the quintessential red double decker buses to the language, but Hong Kong is still very much Chinese. One could say it is China with a thin British veneer. The most striking feature of Hong Kong is its sky-line, which is world famous. At night the many skyscrapers light up the night, offering a mesmerising spectacle. Culinary Hong Kong has much to offer, with ubiquitous street markets a good place to sample the local cuisine. For those who like dim sum, this is dim sum heaven. But there is more to Hong Kong then glitz and food. The many tiny islands offer a relaxing retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city, and the New Territories hold an unexpected amount of green and nature. Take the peak tram up to Victoria peak and admire the famous sky-line, go shopping at Temple Street Night Market, eat your way through dim-sum, party in Lan Kwai Fong or SoHo, take a boat to one of the many islands, or hike the MacLehose Trail from Tuen Mun to the Sai Kung Peninsula. Follow your nose and come to Hong Kong!